Hi, all! My name is Kimberlee Servideo and I am a rising senior at Queens University. I am a transfer student, so this past school year was my first year attending Queens. I have lived in Charlotte my whole life and as I have gotten older, my appreciation for its beauty grows more and more. I have THE best family in the entire world- I can say that, right? Everyone does about their own. 🙂 I also have three energetic dogs who love to go on as many walks as I’ll take them on! I absolutely adore them and hope to live on a lot of land one day so I can have as many as I want.

My dream is to become a movie critique. I love movies; always have and always will. If you asked anyone who knows me what I like to do, they’ll say watch a movie. I think movies are one of the most interesting things. We, as viewers, continually allow ourselves to become emotionally and psychologically invested in some of the most predictable films out there, and are always surprised at the end no matter how predictable it seemed to be. It’s kind of funny, right? Or maybe you’re a person who consumes a particular film based on your own personal fantasies or desires; maybe you aspire to be rich and well known so you want to go see The Great Gatsby, or you want to be a legendary baseball player so you plan on seeing 42? Either way, we go and watch to feel something, which I think is pretty fabulous.

Alright, I’m probably past boring now, so that’s all I’ll blab about!


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