Lab #11: Going Social

(Image courtesy of Zoe’s Kitchen’s catering page.)

For this assignment, the task was to pick a company and conduct a communication audit on their social media use. Considering all of the social media outlets we would assess the company on, it needed to be a relevant company that has integrated itself into that realm. Zoe’s Kitchen is a casual-type restaurant that has done just that. For any readers that haven’t experienced the bliss of eating at Zoe’s before, here is some background information. Zoe Cassimus was born in the Mediterranean and raised in the South. She always found herself entertaining and cooking for others, so Cassimus decided to share her deliciously fresh and healthy recipes with the world.

Company website

Zoe’s Kitchen does a great job connecting with the public through social media. Their prime interaction is their website. The goal is to educate the public on their company, it’s history, and the fresh Mediterranean ingredients used to make-up the menu. It supplies the public with a great deal of content: their full menu, catering options, locations, career opportunities, and even gift cards. At the top of their website, you can even send them an email with any thoughts or concerns you have. It is updated frequently. There is a news link on the left of the page that features YouTube videos to update the public with what the company is doing; there are even videos of founder Zoe Cassimus herself! All of this information makes their website very interactive, supplying the public with any information they want to know about the company.


On the bottom of their website is an icon to their Twitter profile. Aside from their website, this is the main way Zoe’s Kitchen stays in contact with the public. Their goal is to do just that: stay connected with their public. The ages of their public ranges from young teens to the elderly, so staying current in social media is a way to connect with the younger crowd. It’s also a good way to advertisement and connect with other businesses. The content included through Twitter ranges from new menu options to promotions going on. They typically tweet or respond to a follower daily. This contributes to it being interactive. On Monday, Tiffany Cruz tweeted that she wished there was a location near her; Zoe’s immediately responded by wishing the same and asking her to email them where she lived so they can start looking for real estate. Talk about customer service!


With over 80,000 likes on their Facebook page, it seems to be a good social media source for Zoe’s Kitchen. Zoe’s goal here is similar to Twitter, just with more room to do so. The downside to Twitter is you can only tweet so many characters; no worries, because whatever can’t fit in a tweet can fit in a status update on Facebook. Most of the content included on Facebook is any news related to Zoe’s Kitchen, the 87 locations, or Zoe herself. The most recent piece of news- currently broadcasted in each store- is that Cassimus is going to be the first person ever to run the Tour de France. If you donate $5 to help her raise money for The World Pediatric Project, you’ll get $5 off your next visit. Their Facebook is updated daily, just as Twitter- social media never sleeps. It’s proven to be quite interactive. As I’m blogging, 2,025 Facebook friends are currently talking about Zoe’s.

Fuel Zoes Run


(Image courtesy of Zoe’s Kitchen’s website.)


As mentioned earlier, Zoe’s Kitchen creates multiple videos through YouTube that are posted on their website under the “news” tab. YouTube has become pertinent in companies, whether it’s used to advertise, inform, or entertain. Their goal is to do all of the above. They have their own YouTube channel, and the content is abundant. They broadcast details about the different locations, upcoming promotions, Zoe Cassimus’ latest project, ingredient information, etc. Videos aren’t posted as frequent as their tweets, but they stay current. It’s a great interaction with the public because it gives a visual to what the company really does; it matches the words with the actions.


Zoe’s Kitchen’s Pinterest page is full of life! It features 8 pages: live for Mediterranean, goodness, Zoe’s, fresh, our guests, for fit, for family, and in the kitchen. It showcases their goals through photos and quotes and includes a range of content, from recipes to guides to being fit and healthy. Their activity isn’t as often on here, but the seem to pin every one to two weeks. It seems to be effective with interacting with their public; they currently have 989 followers. Communication on Pinterest is solely through photos, so this wouldn’t be as reliable as the mediums above.


Zoe’s LinkedIn page is pretty brief. Being that it is a networking site, it really just gives an overview of their company and any hiring information for their locations. The goal here is strictly business, seeking new employees and to interact with any who are current. Information is posted every couple of days, so it stays current. Interaction of the public is limited, being that you can only view the company’s interaction. Zoe’s use of foursquare is also minimal. On their behalf, it’s only purpose is to locate a destination. Still, they include an overview of the company, the menu, and the location information. It’s edited if a new location arises, and is not preferred for interaction with the public.

They still do not have an instagram, or any industry-specific platform. I would highly recommend an instagram, because it’s a great way to advertise and show off their recipes. In regards to the platforms above, I think they’re doing an awesome job using them to stay current and connected with the public.


One thought on “Lab #11: Going Social

  1. I have personally visited the Zoe’s website before, and I agree, it is a great website and provides a lot of information an visuals. Zoe’s is an example of a company that as really embraced the benefits of marketing through the Internet and social media. Their use of Twitter and Facebook is a great opportunity for the company to receive feedback from their customers. As we have discussed in this class, Consumer Generated Media can be a great tool for a company. As we have also learned, it is very important for the company to respond promptly to any of their customers comments or questions. Failing to do so makes the customer feel neglected and insignificant. The Twitter section of your post shows an example of how Zoe’s promptly replies to their customers, which is the best way to draw positive Consumer Generated Media.

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