Lab #3: Media Release Draft

In Dr. McArthur’s COMM 306 class, I was asked to write a press release for an upcoming event either at Queens University of Charlotte, or within the Charlotte community. Before submitting my final, and hopefully enjoyable, press release, I was given great peer reviews from Carter Harrison, Chris Brown, and Ashley Horton; all of which had amazing press releases! To visit their blogs, just click on their names.

Lab 3 Media press release

(Flesch score: 37.4)

To see a revised copy of my media press release, click here.


3 thoughts on “Lab #3: Media Release Draft

  1. Kimberlee,

    I thought your choice of topic for your news release was fun and refreshing! I would love to visit the Comedy Zone and see a good show over dinner. I think it would even intrigue me that much more as a reader if you included a little snippet about the “Charlotte Animal Welfare Meetup Groups,” so that I could get involved with or donate money to the cause. I also loved your choice in graphics (the event logo), it immediately caught my eye when I click on your third media lab. Overall you did a great job and I hope that you will keep us posted on the event!

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  3. Jordan, thank you for the feedback! I was in need of a boilerplate and your suggestion for including information on Charlotte Animal Welfare Meetup Groups was great for it. Why didn’t I think of that? 🙂 Good thing this is what comments are for!

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